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Shelley Septer  260-388-2522


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Blessings, The Backpacks of Hope staff

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dROP OFF PLACES or Monetary Donations


Shelley Septer

635 Division St

Huntington Indiana 46750

Phone 260-388-2522


Checks can be make out to :

Backpacks of Hope in memory of John Zachery Septer - Checks can be mailed to Shelley Septer

Donations can also be made to PNC under the account Backpacks of Hope in memory of John Zachery Septer

Please feel free to call us or email us and we can pick items up.

If you, your family, school, church or business would like to help please contact us and we would love to talk about how you can be part of the Backpacks of Hope.  

If you would like for us to come talk to your group about the Backpacks of Hope we would love to share Zachery's story.  Please contact me at or 260-388-2522

Sredrick's Corner: 

Fort wayne, Indiana Community outreach: Upcoming Volunteer EVENTS:

Sredrick is very special to the Backpacks of Hope family and he would like to have a community outreach/volunteer mission.  Sredrick is part of the BOH team but we added this section for Sredrick to use for his community outreach.  Please feel free to contact him via the Backpacks of Hope email address






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