Making a difference one backpack at a time. Help us give a hand up to people in need.



 We would love to come talk to your group about the Backpacks of Hope and to   share Zachery's story.

  Please contact us at

​ If you, your family, school, church, or   business   would like to help, please contact us and we   would love to talk about how you can be part   of the Backpacks of Hope.  





dROP OFF PLACES or Monetary Donations


 Please contact Shelley Septer via email.


 Checks can be make out to:

 Backpacks of Hope in memory of John Zachery   Septer Inc

 Donations can also be made to PNC under the   account Backpacks of Hope in memory of John   Zachery Septer.

 Please feel free to email us and we can pick items up.

any questions?  feel free to  email us AT:


Thank you for your help and support.

Blessings, The Backpacks of Hope staff.