Making a difference one backpack at a time.  Help us give a hand up to people in need.



Jacob S. dropping off backpacks to the Huntington Soup Kitchen.  

Another "Long" line of people that we are severing!


2013 Backpacks of Hope event flyer

One of the many tables full of Backpacks before we opened the doors to start giving them away,


One of the Rescue Mission Staff walking around!

People with their baby, waiting to get an awesome backpacks.

Jacob and Allie enjoying all their hard work.  They are proud and grateful for the out pouring of love.  

John Zachary Steper

Allie Septer Hipskind, Shelley Septer, Jacob Septer.   Family time !

People in line to get their new backpack!

Shelley S. talking to a little boy!

"Psalm 27:1"

The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life.

AMEN Brothers and Sister Trust in the LORD!

The Rescue Mission Staff, and Volunteers! 

The Rescue Mission Logo.

Backpacks of Hope wrist bands.

Our awesome founders mother, Mrs. Shelley Septer!

(FYI. When you read this you just have to clap)

Putting together Backpacks.

Our awesome volunteers and staff.

We are blessed to serve such kind and happy people.


Jacob Septer holding hands with a young boy in the Dominican Republic.