Jacob Septer

Allison Coleman



Jacob is the brother of Zachery and co-founder of the Backpacks of Hope.  Jacob has done a wonderful job with community outreach. Jacob shares Zachery's strong belief in God and enjoys mission work.

Allison is the Sister and Co-Founder of the Backpacks of Hope. She is involved in all aspects of the foundation, she works with the media, events, organizing volunteers, and community outreach.  Allison has always been strongly involved in doing what she could to help people in need. She enjoys going on mission trips, spending all the time she can at the beach, and sharing her faith with others.

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Our Founder

Shelley Septer


Shelley is the Mother and Founder of the Backpacks of Hope in memory of John Zachery Septer.  Shelley had 4 beautiful children. John "Zachery" Septer 1990-2011, Kaitlyn Anne Septer 1991-1991, Allison Septer Coleman and Jacob Septer.  Shelley and her family wanted to turn their tragedy into a blessing for people in need.  Shelley raised her children to have a strong faith in God, love unconditionally, and not be judgmental. Zachery put that into practice everyday with people in need and the homeless.  Shelley has spend most of her adult life as a public servant and understands that a little help goes a long way to better the lives of people in need.